Welcome to Complex Systems!

This course is concerned with the intersection of algorithms and systems. We will consider how the low-level drives the high-level and vice versa.

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Welcome to Comp 490, Complex Systems.


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  1. Monday, 7 December, you'll give an overview of the problem covered in your paper and what the papers are trying to achieve. The project is posted at: Project II
  2. Monday, 7 December, I'll hand out exam 2. It's due at 10:00AM, Monday, 14 December in my office.
  3. Wednesday, 9 December. No class so that you can work on the exam.
  4. Monday 14 December, 10:00AM. Exam is due in my office.
  5. Friday, 18 December, 1:30PM you'll give presentations on your papers.
  6. Friday, 18 December, 1:30PM, project 2 paper is due.
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