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  • Some information about the presentation that your team will be making on Wednesday at 10:30:
    1. You will have 15 minutes. All members of your team must demo some aspect of your app. Your presentation will be graded.
    2. You must use powerpoint slides, pdf's or some other presentation mechanism.
    3. You must present your User and System requirements and show how your app implements them.
    4. You must demonstrate all the functionality of your app running on an actual device. You will only get credit for the functionality that you demonstrate.
    5. If you have time, describe the greatest challenges that you faced (other than Android Studio itself) and what you would need to do to put your app into the Google Play store.

  • If you get a blank map when your app starts, here's a solution that Denise found:
  • For the blank map - make sure that the keystore has the 
    same SHA-1 fingerprint as the Google API console and as  
    For the mac  - do this in terminal
    keytool -list -v -keystore ~/.android/debug.keystore -alias androiddebugkey -storepass android -keypass android
    this will be similar to your output:
    Alias name: androiddebugkey
    Creation date: Dec 8, 2016
    Entry type: PrivateKeyEntry
    Certificate chain length: 1
    Owner: C=US, O=Android, CN=Android Debug
    Issuer: C=US, O=Android, CN=Android Debug
    Serial number: 1
    Valid from: Thu Dec 08 19:40:54 EST 2016 until: Sat Dec 01 19:40:54 EST 2046
    Certificate fingerprints:
    MD5:  D8:5F:89:26:37:B2:(more numbers will be here)
    SHA1: A5:7E:B1:68:B6:5A:31: (more numbers will be here
    SHA256: 6F:03:8E:11:31:DA:40:05:D9:0D:7D (a bunch more numbers will be here)
    Signature algorithm name: SHA1withRSA
    Version: 1
    This key is in your 
        TODO: Before you run your application, you need a 
    		Google Maps API key.
        To get one, follow this link, follow the directions 
        and press "Create" at the end:
        You can also add your credentials to an existing key, using this line:
        A5:7E:B1:68:B6:5A:31:(more numbers will be here);com.example.mooooood.dec7
    and you get the key from Google Console:
    Package name	SHA-1 certificate fingerprint	
    A5:7E:B1:68:B6:5A:31: (more numbers will be here)
    When you create a new key and fingerprint and move it 
    around, the keystore may not update, so you may have to 
    delete the key and reuild the project.
    To delete the key, find the keystore and delete it. 
    The keystore is called debug.keystore and it is in the 
    .android  (hidden android) file

  • Directions for creating a database and a user, see create a DB
  • Popple concept mapping site.
  • Directions for getting a book project to run (your milage may vary):
    1. Open the project
    2. Go to build.gradle (Module:app)
    3. At line 5, change the buildToolsVersion to buildToolsVersion "21.0.0" Here you may need to install the tools update if you have not done so already
    4. At line 16, change runProguard false to minifyEnabled false
    5. Sync (you may need to do this between steps)

  • Office Hours: MWF 11:00AM - 12:00PM
  • Git Merging
  • Git undo
  • git HEAD^ vs git HEAD^2 etc.
  • What a CS does
  • Speaking of programming vulnerabilities, check out the SAN Institute's list of the 25 most dangerous software errors.

Coming up...

The Project will be due on Wednesday, 14 December. You will make a formal presentation of your app at this time. You may not add features (for credit) after this time, but you may turn in your paper and documented code as late as 5PM on Friday, 16 December.

Past Assignments »

Exam 2 will be on Wednesday, 30 November.

Code review for Pract 6 is due on Monday, 14 November.

Pract 6 is due on Wednesday, 9 November.

Code review for Pract 5 is due on Monday, 7 November.

Pract 5 is due on Wednesday, 2 November.

Code review for Pract 4 is due on Monday, 24 October.

Pract 4 is due on Wednesday, 19 October.

Exam 1 is Wednesday, 5 October in class.

Pract 3 is due on Wednesday, 28 September.

git portion of Pract 2 is due on Monday, 26 September.

Code review for Pract 2 is due on Monday, 26 September.

Pract 2 is due on Wendesday, 21 September.

Workflow with git is due on Monday, 19 September.

Pract 1

Intro to git is available. We'll work on it in class on Wednesday, 7 September.

Pract 1 is due on Wednesday, 7 September

You must download Android Studio and install it on your computer by next Monday, 29 August.